Euratlas-Info 38
April 2012

New Switzerland

The Swiss Habsburg Heritage
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1 - Detailed Periodis Area Maps
We have added 3 reduced sets of regional maps in the Periodis Web section. If you read our Explanation-FAQ page, you will notice that the Periodis maps avoid nationalist representations. That is why the new maps are based on physical features. Thus, you will be able to explore the history of
Note that all these maps have been created with the software Euratlas Periodis Expert and offer a good zoom level. The mountains and the dependent entities appear too but the sets are limited to some centuries only.
Moreover, there are other regional historical maps on our Facebook page.



2 - Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization (or DARMC)
This third party website, funded and hosted by Harvard University, is a Geographic Information System database that makes available a spatial analysis of Roman and Medieval History. A clear introduction explains the aim of the project and the sources are listed with accuracy in the third tab Data Sources. But you may rather jump to the Maps tab to comprehend this work in a pragmatic way. The main screen displays the map of the European cultural area with rivers and mountains and, on the left side, 4 multi-level drop-down menus (Roman, Medieval, Civilization and DARMC Background) offer a great number of historical or geographical layers. Thus one can choose to display, for instance, the Roman provinces with the main Roman cities but without the mountains or the Medieval kingdoms with the Roman roads, but not all layers can be superimposed. The map legends are always listed in the last level of each drop-down menu. To fasten the display, you have to uncheck the physical layers Elevation, Hillshade and Ocean but you will certainly discover by yourself the easiest way to travel over this great atlas.


DARMC Harvard

DARMC Harvard
3 - The Habsburg Heritage of Switzerland
As everyone knows, the royal House of Habsburg, origin of the rulers of the Austrian Empire and the Spanish Empire, finds its origin in the castle of Habsburg, near Brugg in present day Switzerland. Thus Switzerland is entitled to claim all the lands previously ruled by this royal dynasty. That is why we have drawn a map of all the countries in the world that should belong to Switzerland.

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Euratlas - C. Nüssli, April 1st, 2012
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