Euratlas-Info 37
December 2011

Printed Maps

Euratlas paper printed maps
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1 - Euratlas Periodis Expert Mac OSX
Several details have delayed the development of this program but Euratlas Periodis Expert for Mac OSX is now ready in English, French or German. You can download the demo version from the purchase page and test it on your computer. This software runs on all Intel Mac machines with OSX version 10.5 or 10.6 but was not tested on OSX 10.7. Thus, you will have to test the demo version first. In any case, it is imperative to try the demo version before making the final purchase.
To mark the launch of this program, we offer a discount of 10 euros until March 1st 2012. You simply need to enter: exp-11-0-mac
in Your Coupon Code field of the order page.

Periodis Mac OSX

Periodis Mac OSX FR

2 - Periodis Expert 1.1 German & French
Finally, we can also present the versions 1.1 of Euratlas Periodis Expert in French and German. Some minor bugs under Windows 7 have been corrected and the areas of the territories are henceforth available. Test now Periodis Expert 1.1 and receive a special 10 euros discount until March 1st, 2012. Simply enter:
in Your Coupon Code field of the order page.
Current holders of Euratlas Periodis Expert v.1, English, French or German, are entitled to download the version 1.1 for free. Send us a message with the date of your purchase and you will get a new download link.

Periodis Expert 1.1 French

Periodis Expert 1.1 German
3 - Printed Euratlas Historical Maps
Four Euratlas historical maps are now available as printed paper maps with a size of 59 cm x 84 cm (23 x 33 inches): Europe 1300 in English and French and Europe 300 in Latin-English and Latin-French. It is always difficult to show an overall view and, at the same time, all known details. Therefore, for clarity, the 2nd level administrative divisions on map 1300 are only marked but not named and the semi-independent entities are coloured like the dominant entities but with a lighter shade. On map 300, the provinces and cities are named in Latin with an English or French translation in a cartouche. You can have a look at a PDF sample of each map and if you choose to purchase one, you will receive it folded, like a road-map, in a C5 envelope. Until March 1st, 2012 you can even benefit of 4 euros discount for Europe 1300, English version. Simply copy this code: prin-ted-130-0
in the required field of the purchase page.

Printed Euratlas Historical Maps

Cartes historiques imprimées Euratlas
4 - Pictures of Sweden
Photos of Sweden have been added to the Euratlas Countries of Europe section. So, you will see some nice pictures of runestones and Scandinavian landscapes, especially from Gotland and Öland. Don't miss the famous Snake-Witch and a painting by Gustaf Hellqvist illustrating the capture of Visby by Valdemar IV of Denmark in 1361.

Pictures of Sweden
5 - GeaCron Historical Atlas
Geacron is a new online historical world atlas, available in English and 6 other languages. Among the highlights of this website, we must mention:
  • a coverage of the whole world,
  • a time extension from 3000 BC to 2011,
  • the option of viewing almost every year,
  • the ability to easily compare several years,
  • the ability to customize historical periods,
  • a feature that allows to view the terrain,
  • a powerful zoom function.
This is an impressive and ambitious work which required a lot of effort. Obviously, the presentation of such a quantity of data requires some simplifications. The Holy Roman Empire, for instance, is treated as a unitary state throughout its existence, which could lead to some misinterpretations. Moreover, semi-independent entities are not considered and, among many other cases, Croatia is shown as a Hungarian province in AD 1100, while it was neither sovereign nor part of Hungary.
Anyway, GeaCron is a useful and indispensable tool for an overview of the historical political changes year by year.


We wish you a Merry Christmas

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, December 2011
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