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October 2012

What is a
Joyous Entry?

Joyous Entry
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1 - More Periodis Area Maps
We have added 4 more reduced sets of regional maps in the Periodis Web section. The software Euratlas Periodis Expert is a powerful tool that allows everyone to search ancient places, to view detailed area maps and to create custom historical maps. As examples, you can view the maps here below that offer a good detail level and were created with Periodis Expert. Each set is defined by physical features - mountains or rivers - and corresponds to modern nation-state unities. For the Apennine and Iberian areas, we have tried to use the local language ancient names and for the Alpine region, we use German, French and Italian names, while only English is used for the labels of the Oder-Dnieper area.
Keep in mind please that the missing years - for instance Apennine Peninsula AD 1400 - are all available in Euratlas Periodis Expert.

Apennine Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula

Oder-Dnieper Area

2 - World Map Geospatial Information
The WorldMap platform is being developed by the Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) at Harvard to lower barriers for scholars who wish to explore, visualize, edit, collaborate with, and publish geospatial information. WorldMap is Open Source software and, actually, every registered user is entitled to upload map data, create and edit maps and share them with chosen groups, georeference paper maps or publish some free data.
Thus, you may perform a search through a list of 1400 items (October 1st, 2012) and display the freely viewable maps, that is a good lot of them. You will notice also, that the Euratlas Georeferenced Historical Vector Data have been used as layers for some open maps. Of course, you will have to deactivate some layers if you want a simple and clear display because these projects are mainly intended for research purposes and the surface colors cannot be changed to offer nice views. However, by combining the data layers with various backgrounds, like OpenStreetMap or Google Satellite, you will be able to experience some interesting historical travels. Moreover the data cannot be downloaded.
Travel all over these maps and enjoy.

WorldMap CGA

WorldMap CGA

WorldMap CGA
3 - More Time Pictures
A Joyous Entry was a local name for the first official visit of a new monarch, prince or duke into a city - mainly in the Brabant or Flanders - often coinciding with granting more rights or privileges to the city. When the future Emperor Charles V was declared of age in 1515, he made his first Joyous Entry into Antwerp.
Some new photos have been added in Time Pictures, our freely illustrated chronology, so that this section reaches 173 images now. Come and view the taking down of the Berlin Wall, the arrival of the Greeks into the Acropolis in 1834, the Joyous Entry of Charles V, the live portrait of Borso d'Este, the archers resting before the battle of Legnica, the masses hunting the heretics of Orléans, a Vikingr helmet and many more scenes.

Joyous Entry

Orléans Heresy
We wish you a nice autumn.

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, October 2012
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