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January 2008

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An intermediate zoom level has been added to the Peutingerian Map. Now, you can click everywehere on a one of the full sections of the Table and you will reach an enlarged image giving an overall view of the selected area
. Another click will bring you to the highest zoom level. Of course, for each zoom level a grey level transcription with the main place names is provided. So, you will enjoy an easy exploration of this exceptional document.
Peutinger Table
The smallest country with the Double-Headed Eagle, a wonderfull country in Southern Europe: 685 000 inhabitants and a little town as historic capital. Have a look at our collection of Montenegro pictures.
3) EUROPE 1950
Discover the lost countries of the 20th century. Here is an easy political political map of Europe in 1950. You will see again the Two Germanies and the SSSR, but also Yugoslavia, the Emirate of Cyrenaica and several smaller entities. This map doesn't show the administrative divisions of the states and is not provided in the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe but you can download the full image and print it in good quality.
Europe 1950
The Euratlas website is constantly expanding and a restructuration of the online framework will soon be necessary
. For the time being, we have prepared a simple site map in order to make easier your navigation in the several sections of the whole website.
In March, we will present photos of another country and a 19th century map of the European railways.

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Euratlas - C. Nüssli, January 2008

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