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March 2008

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Where is this fumarole?
Where? Où?

This is a French
detailed map of the European rail network published approximately in 1875. The borders of the European countries are shown as they were before the Congress of Berlin (June-July 1878) but some later railways are marked by simple black lines, like the Simplon tunnel (1906). This map was made by the geographers A.T. Chartier and Th. Gobert and engraved by E. Kollmann.
Europe Rails
The Czech Republic is a country of tales and legends. Everywhere, one can see Art Nouveau sculptures and decorated houses. In the Europe Photos section, you will discover some pictures of Czechia, most of them being related to history.
Remember that Borivoj the Ploughman was the first Duke of Bohemia and that the country was evangelized by Cyril and Methodius (9th cent.), the missionaries coming from Thessaloniki.
Art Nouveau
Gers, Gironde, Hérault, Ille-et-Vilaine, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Isère, Jura, Landes, Loir-et-Cher, Loire, Haute-Loire....Download now a beautiful map of all
metropolitan France's departments and administrative regions with their chef-lieux and INSEE* code.
You can also download this document as a blank map to be used in school tests.
Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques
France 2008
3) HISATLAS 0.95
Several history maps have been added in Hisatlas, Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age. This atlas includes now 256 highly detailed political maps covering quite all the countries of the world. Most of the legends are in English but some are in simple Spanish too. Existing customers are kindly requested to send us an e-mail after April 2, 2008 and we will send them a download link for this new version Hisatlas 0.95.
Hisatlas v. 0.95

In May, we will present an online version of
Dr Andreas Birken's New Atlas of Ancient Orient.

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Euratlas - C. Nüssli, March 2008

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