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An online world atlas that allows you to highlight each of the 194 sovereign countries in the world with their local and English name in short and long form, with their capital, flag, population, land area and with the average life expectancy of the inhabitants. Moreover a red bar shows the population size in an analogical way.
An additional page displays the special status territories like Gaza, Transnistria, or the Somalian states.

Atlas du monde
2) Printable World Maps
As an Euratlas-Info member you can download printable blank or labeled world maps adapted for A4 sheets: a b/w blank map, a b/w labeled map with the countries, a color blank map and a color labeled map with all the countries. Small fonts were used for the names so that all the 194 independant states of the world can be shown on one single sheet.

Cartes du monde
3) Croatia, Slavonia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro
Here is an old map of the Dalmatian lands: Croatia, Slavonia, the Military Frontier, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro. Considering the boundaries shown on it and the activity of the author, it appears that this map was drawn about 1865. Friedrich Handtke (1815 -1879 ) was the director of the cartographic section in the Carl Flemming (1806 -1878 ) publishing house in Glogow or Glogau. Handtke drew himself 168 maps out of  260 published under his authority.

Croatia, Slavonia etc.
4) Albania
In the Europe Photos pages, you will find a new section with 41 pictures of Albania, especially from the Gjirokaster and Butrint or Buthrorum areas which are both listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
You will also see photos of the colourful Tirana, the Berat citadel, Shkodër, Saranda and several Albanian landscapes.

5) Euratlas Shop, 10% discount
Find an interesting choice of digital maps and atlases in the euratlas shop and, as an euratlas-info member, you can have a special discount of 10% on the following products:
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In January 2008 we will present new pictures and a another antique map.

Yours sincerely

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, November 2007

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