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September 2007

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It is probably the oldest road map in the world. These 11 parchment scrolls were copied in 1265 from one or several Roman originals and they show the earth as known in Antiquity.
With the authorization of the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library), Euratlas is proud to present an on-line
real-size version of the Peutingerian Map. You will have a direct access to each of the 11 scrolls and you will be able to enlarge every region simply by clicking on it to see the ancient localities and their modern names. Moreover, for each map area, you will get the possibility to display a black and white version with the transcription of the main towns.
Have a look at this antique map and enjoy!

2) Map of the Gallia Narbonensis Roads about 100 AD
As an Euratlas-Info member you can download a large map (1553 x 1783 x 72 px) of Southeastern Gaul and Nortwestern Italy in year 100 with the main Roman roads and the place names ancient and modern. It will be particularly interesting to compare it with the corresponding areas of the Tabula Peutingeriana.
To get Euratlas-Info maps and images you must click on the download link and enter your login and password in the dialog box. Ask us if you have lost these data.

3) Europe Photos
Several new pictures have been added in the France North and France South sections, especially photos of buildings and statues.
Large size photos are available in the Euratlas-Info Members's area and you are welcome to download them freely.

On veille - On the Watch
Hisatlas, Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age, has been enhanced with 8 new maps: 4 maps of the Caucasus area and new maps of Ghana and Togo. Several previous maps have been updated also.
Let us recall that Hisatlas is an essential tool for he who wants to know the dates of the boundaries changes across the world.

Ghana & Togo

In November we will present more history maps.

Yours sincerely

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, September 2007

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