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1) The Lesage Historical Atlas
Count Emmanuel de Las Cases (1766 - 1842) emigrated in 1790 from France to England for political reasons. There, under the pseudonym of A. Le Sage, he published in 1802 a monumental Atlas Historique, Généalogique, Chronologique et Géographique. This work was a great success in Europe a went reprinted several times till ca. 1845. Las Cases, companion of Napoleon in Saint Helena, is famous for the Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène but his Atlas marks also a stage in the study of history because he his the first to explain historical events through charts and maps with arrows and text cartouches. You will find here all the 33 sheets of the 1808 edition as .jpg images and each page is zoomable. The text is in French but the maps are easily understandable. You may meet difficulties to read some maps anf it will be necessary to open 2 browsers side by side, but keep in mind that the original book is an Elephant Folio, that is 54 cm x 35 cm.

Europe 1808
2) The Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe
Now, you can view the web-version of the Euratlas Historical Atlas either in high resolution or, like before, in low resolution. The high resolution pages offer better quality maps and display also several major cities for each century with their local contemporaneous name. Morover small flags and arrows are giving access to the French and German pages or to the next and previous century. By clicking on the thumbnails maps, you can change the current view: either quarter of maps or full map.
If you feel that some denominations of countries or towns are looking strange, like "Igilgilis" or "Empire of Romania", I suggest that you search in English, German or French Wikipedia for those names and you will find several references. You can also ask me directly for further explanations after July 25, 2007.
When the high resolution maps were launched on-line, received so much visits (more than 90 000 on June 25) that the website was blocked for several hours but safety precautions have been adopted now to avoid further shortages.

Europe 1500
3) Euratlas-Info Member's Area
Visit again and let know the Euratlas-Info area. This month you will find a nice map of Ancient Greece from the French Atlas Universel 1877 by Drioux & Leroy.
This document is offered in high resolution and you will be able to print it with a good quality.
To get Euratlas-Info maps and images you must click on the download link and enter your login and password in the dialog box. Ask us if you have lost these data.

Greece -Grèce

In September we will present more maps and, if all goes well, we will be able to place online a very rare document.

Yours sincerely
Euratlas - C. Nüssli, July 2007

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