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May 2007

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Lake - Lac

1) The countries in the Physical Atlas of Europe
Now, you can highlight a country by clicking on its name and display its position on the whole map of Europe. For each country, you will get the following information: English and local name in short and long form, capital city, area, population and average life expectancy. Links towards the corresponding Wikipedia entry and the country's official website are also provided. You will see also an interesting page about the special status territories like Transnistria, Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh etc. See the explanation for more details.

2) Alpine and Danube Lands about 1715
We are presenting an old
map of Central Europe, extending from the Upper Danube basin with Dalmatia to the Northern Adriatic Sea with the Eastern part of the Alps. No place, no date, one sheet wears the mention "Elias Boeck a. H. sculps. a. V."
Elias Boeck or Baeck, alias Heldenmuth (= a. H.), was an engraver and publisher born in 1679, active in Rome, Venice, Laibach or Ljubljana and Augsburg
or Augusta Vindelicorum (= a.V.) between 1705 and 1747. That is why this map which shows the main towns, rivers and mountains ranges of modern Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Eastern Switzerland can be dated from about 1715. Note that this area was the "front line" between the Holy German Empire and the Ottoman Empire and a special care has been brought to the description of the fortified towns.

Alps & Danube - Alpes et Danube
3) Europe Photos
The Europe Photos section has been increased again
and displays now more than 1000 pictures. You will find new pages with nice images of Croatia and Slovenia.
Moreover large size photos have been added in the Euratlas-Info protected area and you are welcome to download them freely.

Boat - Barque
4) Atlas der islamischen Welt
We are happy to sell, in the Euratlas Shop, a new atlas by Dr Andreas Birken on a red hot subject: 119 pages, 96 highly detailed maps and several charts on geography, peoples, history, politics, and economy of the Islamic World from 622 to 2007 A.D.
The atlas is available only in German, but this should not be a great difficulty for those who are used to reading maps.
Cartographic documents about Islam are scarce or inaccurate. So this atlas will fill in a gap.

5) Euratlas-Info Member's Area
Visit again and let know the Euratlas-Info area. You will find there two large
engravings: the1808 frontispice of the Atlas historique by Emmanuel de Las Cases showing the Napoleonic Fasti and a XVIIIth century map of Switzerland. These documents are offered in high resolution and you can print them with a good quality.
To get Euratlas-Info maps you must click on the download link and enter your login and password in the dialog box. Ask us if you have lost these data.

Fastes Napoléens 1796 -1806

Next month we will present more old maps useful for historians and the Atlas historique et généalogique by
Emmanuel de Las Cases, alias Lesage.

Yours sincerely
Euratlas - C. Nüssli, May 2007

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