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1) Thurn & Taxis Post Roads Map in Germany 1786
The Torre e Tasso family, from Val Sassina, owned several courier services in Lombardy from about 1290. From 1490 on, Francesco de Tassis, called Franz von Taxis, was granted the right to carry government and private mail throughout the Empire and in Spain. Thus, the Thurn & Taxis family operated for 350 years, postal services in the major part of western Europe, from Spain to Hungary. This map, by Homann's Heirs, presents the 1786 Thurn & Taxis post-roads in the German Empire and in the neighbouring countries. Be aware that some roads, especially in the ecclesiastical principalities are missing.
Johann Baptist Homann (1664 - 1724) was imperial geographer from 1715 in Nurnberg and his work was continued by his son Christoph under the name Hommänischen Erben.

Thurn & Taxis 1786

2) Road Map of England and Wales, ca. 1779
This map, from the Modern Universal British Traveler,
one of the first travel guides in English, written by Charles Burlington and David Lewellyn Rees in 1779 is a very useful document. You will discover the main XVIIIth century travel roads in the southern part of the British Islands with the distances in miles. However these roads must not be compared to the continental post-roads because in Britain, the postal service was a royal monopoly.

England & Wales

3) Europe Photos
The Europe Photos section has been increased again and displays now more than 950 pictures of European towns and countries. You will find new photos especially in the Rome, Paris, Southern Germany, Austria and Swiss Plateau sections. Next month Croatia and Slovenia will be added.


4) Geschichtsatlas von Europa
Inform your German-speaking friends that the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe has been translated in German by Mr Thomas Höckmann. The maps are now available online or as an Experten Version by direct download. Note that the layout of the online German version will be soon adopted for the English version too.
Moreover, we are preparing an enhanced software vector version with a chronology and provinces, countries and cities databases of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe but it will not be ready before 2008.

Geschichtsatlas von Europa

5) Euratlas-Info Member's Area
A protected area for Euratlas-Info subscribers only has been created. You will find in it the vector maps of Roman Western Europe and Dalmatia and several high resolution .jpg blank maps. Check this section regularly because new maps and high resolution pictures of Europe will be added.
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