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December 2006

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1) The Santini Map of Italy 1783
In the Cartography section, you will find an 18th century map of Italy with the main post-roads and the boundaries of the Italian states. This document was made by Father or Père Francois Santini, a French publisher active in Venice. All Santini maps were based on the best cartographers of the 18th century like de Vaugondy and Janvier. This print seems to be a copy of the Robert Janvier map of Italy from his Atlas Universel printed in 1776-1784.


2) Spain and Portugal
Charles-François Delamarche, 1740-1817, was one of the most important French geographers. In 1786, he bought the Didier Robert de Vaugondy map collection. He published several maps and atlases and his son Felix continued his work. The Delamarche Atlas de Géographie was reprinted several times in the 19th century and was even adopted by the Royal Council of Public Instruction.
Here is a map of Spain and Portugal as they were in the 19th century, from one of the Delamarche Atlas editions.


3) Europe Photos
The Europe Photos section has been enhanced and displays now 67 pictures of Istanbul. Moreover several images of landscapes, landmarks and artworks have been added in the Egypt, Russia, Greek Islands and Ukraine pages, so that you can view and download more than 800 photos.


4) Neuer Atlas zur Geschichte des Alten Orients
A historical atlas has been added in the Euratlas Shop: the New Atlas of the Ancient Orient by Dr Andreas Birken. Dr Birken is an historian and a cartographer who has contributed to the Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients or T.A.V.O. a research project of the Tübingen University, and to the Grosser Historischer Weltatlas, a major reference historical atlas.
The Neuer Atlas zur Geschichte des Alten Orients is available only in German but provides 30 magnificent historical maps of the Middle East, one per century, from 33rd to 4th century B.C.


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C. Nüssli, December 2006

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