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October 2010

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During the 35th Annual Social Science History Association Meeting, “Power and Politics”, on 18 November 2010 (12:15 PM-02:15 PM), in downtown Chicago, Palmer House Hilton, Marc-Antoine Nüssli, Euratlas software engineer, will participate to the session 'New Directions in Historical GIS (2)' and present 'Euratlas: From Historical Mapping To Historical Geographical Information System.'

Here are now, for Euratlas-Info subscribers only, the detailed historical maps of Europe in 1200 AD and in 1700 AD. These maps were made with Euratlas Periodis Expert and we will continue with this series at each Euratlas-Info issue.
You have to take into account that Euratlas Periodis is capable to display the whole continent and, simultaneously, tiny provinces or towns at higher zoom levels. That is why, when all Europe is shown, several small provinces cannot be labeled. These functions, as well as powerful editing possibilities are only available in the software Periodis Expert.
Detailed Map of Europe 1200

Detailed Map of Europe 1700
In 1809 at Niš, after a victory against the insurgents, the Ottoman commander Hursid Pasha erected a tower with the skulls of the defeated in order to frighten the Serbian population. This structure was preserved to remember the courage of the ancestors and can still be seen.
Romuliana Felix was a palatial complex built by Emperor Galerius in about 300 AD. The ruins are at Gamzigrad, near Zaječar, in the Timok river basin. There, on 21 July 2010, excavations have revealed a unique marble statue portraying a dog biting a wild boar.
You will see pictures of Niš, Romuliana Felix wild boar and of many other places in our new Serbia section of Europe Photos.
Several photos have been added as well in the pages of Italy, Hungary and Slovakia.

Niš, Skull Tower

Romuliana, wild boar
In our next newsletter, we will present more historical detailed maps of Europe.
Have a nice autumn.
Euratlas - C. Nüssli, October 2010
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