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July 2010

It's summer now!

Europe Photos
Euratlas Periodis Web is useful to see the position and evolution of the ancient states but, since it doesn't show the provinces and dependencies, some users have difficulties in exploring the past centuries. That is why we are preparing, for Euratlas-Info members only, detailed historical maps of Europe. These maps, realized with the Periodis Expert 'Customize View' function are offering an in-depth view of European history. For now, only the years 1300, 1400, 1500 and 1600 are available in English and French, but we will present more centuries later.
The big maps are watermarked but, if you use Periodis Expert, you will be able to produce images without imprints.

Detailed Map of Europe 1300

Detailed Map of Europe 1400
The Periodis Web default maps are in 'owner mode'. That means that only the sovereign or 'owner' states are shown, vassal or 'holder' states being always included in their official dominant state. Of course, Periodis Expert offers a 'Show Dependencies' mode but if you need to display the dependent states on the web, you can:
  • click on the quarter of maps: Northwest etc.
  • use the historical gazetteer,
  • display the Euratlas-Info big maps.
Let us recall that the dependent or 'holder' states are surrounded by a dotted line having the same color as the dominant or 'owner' state.

Europe 1300 Owner Mode

Europe 1300 Holder Mode

EUROPE PHOTOS Some new pictures have been added in the Europe Photos section. You will discover new photos of Poland, Northern Germany, Swiss Plateau, Swiss Mountains and Northern France.

Europe Photos
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Euratlas - C. Nüssli, July 2010
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