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Description: Eastern Roman Empire ('Byzantine') and post-'Byzantine' Studies Discussion Forum
1) The intended focus of ROMIOSYNI-L is the history and culture of Eastern Roman Empire and neighboring regions from 4th century throughout the post-'Byzantine' phase; it therefore extends to cultural and historical issues pertaining to the memory of the said empire as it survived among the Ottoman Empire's "Rum Millet" and the Rhomeic/Eastern diaspora.

2) English is the primary language of ROMIOSYNI-L although individual members can use inserts or quotes in Greek, Latin, German, French, Rumanian, Slavonic, Albanian, or Turkish (preferably with annotated translations or translation summaries).

3) Within these parameters the list provides a public forum to discuss topics of general interest.

4) ROMIOSYNI-L is intended primarily to facilitate the exchange of scholarly information within the international academic community, but it also welcomes the participation of the wider interested public. Members adhere to the highest principles of scholarship and to the teachings of our own 'Parakatatheke' -- the inclusive spirit of Romiosyne.

5) Brief notices of related presentations, conferences, calls for papers, and other professional opportunities are also appropriate.

6) The appearance of new publications or internet resources may well be of interest to list members, but promotional announcements of a primarily commercial nature are not appropriate.

7) ROMIOSYNI-L members should use their best judgment to determine that a topic is of sufficient interest to be shared with all subscribers.

8) Replies about a single point or of a personal nature should be sent directly to the individual concerned and not the entire list.

9) Contributions should be composed to reflect the list's essential purpose and scope.

10) As for any internet communication, messages should be substantive and to the point, and employ both civility of tone and economy of expression.

11) Please use brief, relevant message lines.

12) Do not include images, extensive quotations from other sources, or elaborate signatures.

13) Do not attach files to your message.

14) The inclusion of a web link is a useful way to draw attention to an image or larger discussion, but any link should be introduced and its relevance explained.

15) Long quotations from previous notes should not routinely be recycled.

16) Violation of the above rules leads to expulsion after 1 due off-list warning.

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