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Germany 1789

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Screenshots of the Germany 1789 Interactive Atlas

Prussia and Ermland
Detail showing Hesse-Darmstadt

Detail showing Prussia and Ermland

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Germany 1789 shows the structure of the country at the end of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. The purpose is not to document any territorial claims. Many customs, traditions and even architecture or landscape have their roots in history. This version offers direct links to the relevant information about the territories in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.
A simple example: why is carneval celebrated in one village but not in the next one only 5 miles away? One was probably part of a catholic territory and the other part of a protestant territory.

Germany 1789 includes the following maps:
The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation Bishopric of Cologne
Bavaria Lower Rhineland
Swabia (Bavarian part) Bishopric of Münster – Southern part
Swabia Northern Part Minden-Ravensberg and Lippe
Baden-Wurttemberg Southern Part Bishopric of Paderborn and P. of Waldeck
Baden-Wurttemberg Northern Part Duchy of Westfalen
Palatinate Ruhr area
Saarland Siegerland
Rhineland-Palatinate East-Prussia and West-Prussia
Hesse Southern part Limburg and Liège
Hesse Northern part Luxemburg
Saxony - Thuringia – Anhalt Flanders and Brabant
Lorraine (1648)
Silesia (1763)
Alsace Southern Part (1648)
Tyrol (1766)
Schleswig-Holstein (1730)
Baltic countries 16. century
Baltic countries end of the 17. century
South-Western part of Lower Saxony Baltic countries end of the 18. century
Niederstift Münster Legend and abbreviations
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