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The Physical Vector Map of Europe

by Christos Nüssli

Simple licence:

55 by direct download.
Extended licence: 220 by direct download.


English and French

Download a sample here

Web version
A vector map covering the Earth's surface from the degree 15 west to 50 east, and from degree 20 north to 60 north, i.e. Europe in a wide geographical sense. This map can be superimposed on the Historical Vector Maps used for the Historical Atlas of Europe.

Platform independent data, vector format. Corel Draw 10 or higher or Adobe Illustrator 8 or higher required.

Main Features
The map consists of 24 layers or planes. The layers surimposing order, names, fonts and colors can be changed according to User's choice.

1-0m: floor or bottom layer.    2-200m: 200 meters contour.

3-500m: 500 meters contour.   4-1000m: 1000 meters contour.

5-2000m: 2000 meters contour.    6-3500m: 3500 meters contour.

7-rivers: rivers of Europe, nearly 3000 water courses are shown.   8-fleuves: 179 main large rivers of Europe.

9-oceans: large water surfaces like seas and lakes.   10-frontieres: the national borders of European countries as they exist in 2005. Administrative limits are not drawn.    11-coord: latitude and longitude lines with an increment of 5.

12-nomsrivieres: layer 8 rivers text mode French names.    13-namesrivers: layer 8 rivers text mode English names.

14-relief: red curves showing the main mountain ranges.    15-montagnes: 47 main mountain ranges vector mode French names.    16-mountains: 47 main mountain ranges vector mode English names.

17-pays: text mode two letters abbreviations of the countries.     18-villespoints: the position of the 288 major European towns is marked by 1 black square and 1 small red point each.     19-endonyms: vector mode local names of the 288 major European towns.

20-nomsvilles: text mode French names of the layer 19 towns.     21-nomsvillesvect: same names in vector mode.

22-namescities: text mode English names of the layer 19 towns.     23-namescitiesvect: same names in vector mode.

24-coord2: latitudes and longitudes with a precision of half a degree.
Read the licence please

For the production of our European River Cruise brochures we (the cruise operator) are looking for a detailed digital European River map. Browsing in the internet I got to your website. The Physical Vector Map of Europe looks really suitable. T. Benjamin

Simple licence: € 55
extended: € 220 + VAT
download 10 Mb
Buy it now
add € 20
for CD-ROM delivery
If you need an extended licence you must send us first a query and mention the intended use.

Direct Download
Click on the purchase link here above. Pay and you will receive immediately a download link with login and password.
You will have 24 hours to download the atlas as a .zip file.
If you select physical shipping, you will receive, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of the product.
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