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April 2011

Medieval Music Video

Medieval Music Video
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Many Euratlas visitors are sending us their comments about the Periodis Historical Atlas of Europe and it appears often they are not aware of the capabilities of Periodis Expert. Here is now a short video explaining how it is possible to create beautiful custom historical maps for display or printing with this software. This Youtube animation is fast with a lively medieval music but, of course, you can stop it at every stage to see which procedures you need to follow.
Periodis Expert Custom Maps

Periodis Expert
Hisatlas is a set of historical maps available from several years in the Euratlas Shop. Now, the author has decided to present an online version, with maps in reduced size, of this world historical atlas. Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey aim is to show with maps the different stages of political organizations. Of course, his project his favouring the self-constituted communities and, by travelling over Hisatlas, you will discover a long trend towards democracy.

Hisatlas 0.97 commercial version is already available and all purchasers will be entitled to download for free, within ca 2 months, the new version Hisatlas 1, on presentation of their invoice number.



Moreover, in the Euratlas Shop, 3 new digital copies of ancient maps are now available: The maps are sold as JPG images and and you can download sample files.
Historical Atlas of the Ancient Orient
The Altorient pages have be reorganized to match with the Euratlas website structure. Thus, it is now easier to navigate within the 30 centuries of this atlas.
Dr Birken's Altorient Atlas, full version, is available in German only, in the Euratlas Shop.

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