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February 2010

Who is this emperor?
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Finally Periodis Expert is ready.
It is the only program that allows to explore the history of Europe and to create historical custom maps. As you know, Periodis Expert offers 21 vectors maps, one for each centennial year, from AD 1 to AD 2000. All the maps are in vector mode so that you can zoom in up to a scale of 150 meters per pixel. Moreover you can choose to display or to hide any layer that is any physical or political feature. What's more, search functions are provided and the user will be able to find a specific land or place throughout 2000 years, each entity being characterized by its contemporary name and by its usual variant name.

Periodis Expert is available either in English, French or German.

Download now the demo version.

Euratlas Periodis Expert

Euratlas Periodis Expert
Here is an eight pages comic strip with maps and pictures narrating succinctly the history of Europe from year 1 to year 500. Of course all the maps were created with Periodis Expert and only Euratlas-Info members can download it in full as a PDF document.

Europe 1-500
Thanks to Periodis Expert, we have also prepared a video showing a brief history of Europe in maps, from year 1 to year 1000, with pictures and concise explanation. The sound track is an adaptation from Telemanns Watermusik made fit for the 21st century by Andreas Birken. The maps, photos and text are by Christos Nόssli and the slide composition by Roland Chabloz.
Nevertheless, you can still view also our previous video 2000 Years History in Europe, made 2 years ago.

1000 Years Europe

Periodis Expert is offered in 3 licenses: Until June 1, 2010, promotional price:
Existing customers of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe enjoy 15 € more discount on the above prices while customers of Periodis Basic version enjoy 10 € discount.
If you are an existing customer and haven't yet received your coupon code, write us to get it.

Euratlas Single Computer

Periodis Teaching License

Periodis Site License
We will prepare now an online version of Periodis Expert with simplified maps.

In the meantime, we wish you a beautiful spring.

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, February 2010
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