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June 2009

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Here are some nice pictures of Amsterdam and Dutch paintings and landscapes that you will be able to download in high-resolution. We have also added two  A4 printable maps of the Netherlands adapted for school tests. The first map is labelled vith the Dutch provinces and the main towns and the second one is mute.
Map of the Netherlands

Pictures of the Netherlands

We are pleased to announce that Euratlas Periodis Basic replaces the previous Periodical Historical Atlas Basic. Amongst several improvements, we have to mention:
- a new drawing of all the Ottoman sanjaks and hereditary, mainly Kurdish, lordships, of the Spanish provinces, the French gouvernements and of the early British states,
- maps in vector format so that enlargement is possible without quality loss,
- Adobe Reader (PDF) document readable under any operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc.
Now you can test this new version and purchase it at the promotional price of
24.90 euros, valid until October 1st 2009. Thereafter the normal price will be
29.90 euros. Site licenses are available at attractive price, for instance 200 euros for 29 work stations.
Existing customers of the previous Basic version are entitled to a discount of 14 euros on the promotional price until September 1st. If you are a customer and you haven't yet received a coupon code, write us, before July 14th, and mention the date of your purchase.

The Euratlas Periodis Expert version, with display, editing and print options as well as mountains and more inhabited places will be ready in September or October.

Euratlas Periodis Basic


Hisatlas is still progressing. The author, Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey, has revised some maps and added new ones of New England, Morocco, China and Spain. Most of the new maps are in PDF (Adobe Reader) format so that much more details are displayed.
Hisatlas 0.97 includes now 266 detailed historical maps and this new version costs 24.90 euros. If you are an existing customer, send us, until July 14th,  your name and purchase date and we will give you a free download link for this  new version.

Hisatlas 0.97

An A4 landscape soft-back publication. The 1st section gives, country by country, a historical summary of rail development, with section opening / closing and electrification dates, metro and tramway details too. The next section of 72 colour maps shows in detail all railway systems that have ever existed in the region, followed by a full index of stations. Volume 8 - The Middle East and Caucasus - came first and the gaps will be filled as the maps / history is completed. The series will be the definitive guide to the world’s railway networks with valuable contributions from most railway companies around the world.

World Rail Atlas

Euratlas Periodis Expert is still in progress and we
will tell you the date of its publication in August.

In the meantime, have a nice summer

Euratlas - C. Nüssli, June 2009

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