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Origin and territory of the Germans in Central Europe,
D.T.V. Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, Münich 1964
Origin of the Germans
Here is a map that is supposed to show the ethnogenesis of the Germans. The main concern with this map is that the large area coloured in orange-yellow, combined with the word "territory" in the title, could imply that the ancient German tribes experienced some kind of political organization and ”occupied” these lands in the modern sense of the word.On the map, some elements do not appear:
A) The majority of the described lands were uninhabitable: forests etc.
B) Presumably other ancient populations were living in the same lands: Celts or mixed people predating the Slavic ethnogenesis
C) The tribes mentioned on the map were continuously fighting or competing with each other.In fact, this map describes a supposed coherent group of entities even though there is no evidence to support this description.

In fact this map describes a supposed coherent group of entities where there is no evidence for it.