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English Conquest from 450 to the End of 6th cent.
Hammond Historical Atlas of the World, Maplewood N.J. 1976, p. H-10
English conquest from 450
This is a semi-mythical map, more or less connected to Vortigern, Hengist and Horsa. No political entities are shown, only wide-coloured areas. From the map, the reader is led to believe in the presence of three homogeneous and related groups called Saxons, Jutes, and Angles who fought against a fourth, unrelated group, called Britons.

In fact, the 5th century was a period of semi-anarchy in the British Isles. Although our knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon settlements at this time is poor and often legendary, it appears  that the tribes mentioned here were competing with each other and that they changed alliances regardless of their group belonging.