EURATLAS-INFO 12: July 2006
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Here are some new features in the Euratlas website

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1) Towns Pages in the Physical Atlas of Europe
Now you can highlight a city from a list of 96 European towns by clicking on its name and you will also have a direct access to the Wikipedia entry and to the official website of the chosen city. What's more, the modern population and the date of the first written historical account of each city are given.
See the main towns page:

Physical Atlas of Europe: Towns
2) The Regency of Algiers 1837
The Cartographies section presents a rare map of the Algerian lands as they were in the years 1835-1837 during the conquest of Algeria by France. This map is surprising because it shows, in pink, the territories occupied by the French troops and, in ochre, the extent of "Arab Algeria". Moreover, there are six cartouches with detail maps of La Tafna, the Surroundings of Algiers, the Landing Zone at Sidi-Ferruch, the City Map of Algiers, the Road from Algiers to Medea and the Surroundings of Constantine.
See the main map:

Algiers 1837
3) The Kingdom of Poland 1752
Also in the Cartographies section, we are proud to present a beautiful map of the Kingdom of Poland in 1752 by Gilles and Didier Robert de Vaugondy. The Polish State is shown with its traditional boundaries, including large parts of modern Ukraine and Belarus, that is to say as it was before the First Partition of the Kingdom.
See the main map:

The Kingdom of Poland 1852
4) Europe Photos
For those of you who have not yet decided to visit our continent, here is a collection of more than 500 pictures of European and Mediterranean landscapes, landmarks, islands, towns and countries.
See Europe Photos:

Europe Photos
5) Germany 1789 and Deutschland 1789 - Interaktiv
The atlases by Thomas Höckmann, Germany 1789 and Deutschland 1789-Interaktiv, have been improved and include now several new maps, especially Austria, Luxemburg, Flanders and Brabant, Alsace and Lorraine. Thus this document offers now a complete and very accurate description of the Holy Roman  Empire in 1789.
Here is the list of all the maps:
See the main product page:

Germany 1789
6) Antique maps available in the Euratlas Shop
The Antique Maps section of the Euratlas Shop offers now quite all our antique maps for sale as image files in .jpg format. You will find here Algeria 1837, Switzerland 1836, Austrian Netherlands 1777 etc. and in August, the Itinerary Map of France 1783 will also be available.
See the Antique Maps page:

Euratlas Shop
Euratlas wishes you a Happy Summer Break
C. Nüssli, July 2006

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