EURATLAS-INFO 11: April 2006
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Here are some new features in the Euratlas website

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1) The Post-Roads and Railroads Map of Germany 1852
In the Cartographies section, you will find an outstanding 19th century travel map engraved in Nürnberg. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the 38 states of the German Confederation are clearly outlined and the main railroads and post roads show the growing European transportation network. The neighboring regions, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Eastern France, Northern Italy, Poland or Austria-Hungary are also shown with their political organization and the main land itineraries and sea routes. In addition, this map offers a list of the main railroad lines and a chart of the German states population in 1852.

Deutschland 1852
2) HISATLAS - Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age
If you don't know the fine historical maps created by Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey, you will discover here a really complete historical atlas covering with great accuracy the world history from 1789 on, to the present. These maps were drawn in .gif format with bright colors and they wear all the information about the new and old states and the administrative changes. The whole world is depicted but a special attention was given to the European countries. Hisatlas offers 225 detailed easily printable maps, organized in 18 different sections: Europe, Latin America, Africa, China etc. Try now the demo version.

3) Deutschland 1789 - Interaktiv
Thomas Höckmann who has drawn Germany 1789 is presenting now an enhanced version of his atlas. These 35 German history maps are provided with direct links to the articles of Wikipedia concerning the territories or the noble houses. This atlas, available in German only, is ideal for teaching, for genealogy and for all people interested in history. Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia, is growing at an incredible speed in quantity and quality and, as the links will probably not change in the future, the user will have direct access from the maps to a constantly expanding knowledge base. Deutschland 1789-Interaktiv gives you the advantage of going directly to the relevant page of a chosen territory without any searching.
Deutschland 1789-Interaktiv

C. Nüssli, April 2006

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